Hi there, I am Jürgen!

I thought it was necessary to have a center for all my web activities, a place where someone who is interested in my work can start off.

Here it is!

The menu bar on top is pretty much self-explanatory:

Projects If you are looking for past or present projects I am working on: here is the place
R Packages Software packages I have developed
Publications From any place, this is the one that you get my most recent publication list
Students A list of great people that I have or had the pleasure to supervise and accompany through their graduation
Courses Some of my online courses
Internal Blog An internal blog like site which is only provided for discussions and consultations with people I directly work with. Please do not cite or reference this stuff.
Links From here, you get to many of the other places I am presented on the web
About Some information on my career and me

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