The Scan-Book


Jürgen Wilbert

Version 22.9 (build 41)



I am glad your found your way to this book as is tells me you are beginning to use the scan package. While scan is quiet thoroughly developed, this book is at an early stage (about 30% is done). I am continuously working on it and extending it. At this point in time there is no release of this book available. Only this draft which is full of errors (code and typos).
If you have any suggestions how to enhance the book or would like to report errors, comments, feedback etc. you can do so by posting an issue to the gitHub repository of this book. You can find the repository at

Thank you!


22 September 2022

Software reference

This book has been created using the Quarto within the RStudio (RStudio Team, 2018) environment. The analyses have been conducted with the R package scan at version 0.55.2 (Wilbert & Lueke, 2022) and scplot at version 0.2.6 (Wilbert, 2022). R version 4.2.1 (2022-06-23) was used (R Core Team, 2022).

Note: The cover has been designed by Tony Wilbert and Henry Ritter.
Thanx for that!